Office Visit

Visit to a Professional Office
The visits that we schedule with London firms to learn about recent projects are the foundation of our study-abroad program. We have found that a 2-hour window is best, with 3  presentations (30 minutes ea.) from designers in the office, followed by discussion with the university students.  Possible topics are listed at the bottom of this page.

We typically have 17 students in the program and one instructor (total of 18 visitors).


Possible topics for slide presentations + discussion:

Architecture Firms:
– Design process of a recent project – conceptual development and/or technical topics.
– Design tools/software, recent architectural technologies.
– Sustainability strategies.
– Coordination with other consultants/communication during design.
– The future of the architecture profession – what do you see as emerging trends in the profession?

Engineering firms:
– Innovative solutions to particular  engineering problems.
– Ideas about workflow/integrated design – at what point in the project does the firm usually begin working with the architect and construction team?
– Structural Engineering  design examples.
– Sustainability design examples.
– Mechanical systems/environmental engineering design examples.
– Acoustic design examples.
– Forensic analysis design examples.
– Digital tools/methods.
– Complex geometry.
– The future of the engineering profession – what do you see as emerging technologies?

Construction Firms:
– Construction process of a recent building.
– Recent innovation in construction technique.
– Innovative solutions to particular problems.
– The future of the construction profession – what do you see as emerging technologies?







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