Research Support

Student Research Support
Each of the students traveling to London will write a case-study research paper as part of the academic program. We hope to pair each of the students in the program with a professional “mentor” in London. We ask that the mentor supplement the student’s library and web-research with some materials and discussion in the office. The time commitment for a mentor is usually 2-4 hours total over a period of 3 weeks.

Our engineering students are generally in their final year of university (4-year program), or in graduate school.

Topics that we might research:
The students are especially interested in challenging design problems or new technologies in structures, environmental systems, sustainability and construction. For example, an engineering student might choose to focus on the lateral structural design of a new high-rise project (see slide show of previous examples below).

Confidentiality of information:
We will be sharing the information from your firm with other university students and faculty for academic purposes only.
Please contact the study-abroad director, Gregory Brooks regarding any such concerns.

Thank you!  The one-on-one conversations that students have with their London mentors is a privilege for the students, and always a highlight of their experience in this study-abroad program.

Examples of past research papers:






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